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SchoolGrants Site Map

SchoolGrants was created as a way to share grant information with colleagues around the Nation. There are few sites, if any, like it on the Internet that are available at absolutely no cost to its users. 

Those who make use of the information they find on the SchoolGrants site are encouraged to give back by sharing their own knowledge, successful grants, tips, opportunities, etc. It is only through such open sharing that the Nation's schools can become better places for students as we assist one another in the pursuit of the funding necessary to implement necessary programs.

Thank you in advance for not being a taker only and for caring enough to share your own unique knowledge with your colleagues.

Home  This is the SchoolGrants starting page.

What's New  

Here you will find additions that have been made to the site. After you've been to SchoolGrants several times, I recommend that you start at this page to see if new content has been added since your last visit.

Services This page is a compendium of the various services that are available from SchoolGrants including subscription information for the newsletters and email lists.

Grant Opportunities:

The primary Grant Opportunities page provides a description of the various opportunities we provide. The other pages break down the opportunities by state, deadline, or type of grantor.

Federal Opportunities tend to be large grants more suited to district-wide applications. All federal opportunities will have deadlines.

State Opportunities are those opportunities that we are aware of that are being offered by your state agencies (primarily through the state's department of education).  If you know of opportunities for your state that we have not posted, please let us know so we can share them with your colleagues.

Foundation Opportunities may be large or small offerings. Some foundations require submission of applications by certain dates; others have no deadlines. Some foundations provide funds only to nonprofits within their operating communities while others offer opportunities across the country. (Additional opportunities that are not included on these pages are available only to subscribers of the SchoolGrants Biweekly Newsletter or purchasers of the Let's Write a Grant CD.) 

Find Your State is the page you'll need to visit to see how we have split the states to provide pertinent foundation opportunities. 

Grant-Writing Tips

These grant writing tips have been learned over the years and shared by experienced grant writers. There are also links to some especially relevant grant-writing resources.

Sample Proposals Several generous grant-writers have contributed successful grant proposals that they have written.  You may use these proposals to see how a successful proposals looks.  A special thanks goes to those who shared their proposals with all of us!

Let's Write A Grant Interactive CD SchoolGrants now offers a content-packed interactive CD that both new and experienced grantwriters will find a valuable addition to their grantwriting libraries.  Check out the Table of Contents.

Fund-Raising Opportunities

Grants are not always the best way to raise funds for your school. Grant-seeking is a time-consuming and competitive process! SchoolGrants includes Fund-Raising Opportunities that can be used in lieu of grant-seeking or in conjunction with it!

I would love to include fund raising techniques that have been especially successful at your school if you share them with me!

In the News

I read a number of publications every day and often come across items of interest to educators that may or may not be specifically related to grants. I provide a brief recap of what I find, along with appropriate links for more information, if available.

Our Newsletters:

SchoolGrants Bimonthly Newsletter (free)

SchoolGrants Biweekly Newsletter

You can learn more about subscribing to the SchoolGrants newsletters by following the links on the left. The Bimonthly Newsletter is a free summary publication and comes out every other month. The Biweekly Newsletter is a comprehensive resource that is published twice each month.

Bring Home the Bacon Listserv 

This page details how to subscribe to the SchoolGrants listserv, "Bring Home the Bacon". You will can also find various listserv commands here.


We offer a variety of both grant-related and general education-related links.  

Federal Agencies Links

Links are provided to a variety of grant-making federal agencies as well as to the Regional Educational Laboratories.

Foundation Resources

Foundation Resources provides annotated links to a variety of organizations that provide information about foundations.

Grants Management Links

Applying for and receiving a grant is only the beginning of the grants cycle. Annotated links to resources that will help you manage the grants you receive are provided. (Note: I have not found many online resources for this area. If you know of some that I have not listed, please let me know!)

Grant-related Publications Links

A list of grant-related online publications.

Grant Writing Links

This is an annotated list of resources that offer more links, techniques, and tips for grant-writers.

International Grants Links

Our international colleagues can find links to foundations that provide funding outside the U.S. on this page.

Playground Funding Links to sources that have helped fund playgrounds.

State Agencies Links

Find links to each state's Department of Education. On occasion we include other state-specific links that are of interest to grant-seeking educators.

General Interest Links

We find a number of resources that may be valuable to educators. These resources are not specifically related to grants but are provided simply because we think you may be interested in the information on the listed, annotated sites.

National Organizations Links

Links to a variety of national organizations are provided here. 

Parents & Teachers Links & Resources

Links of interest to parents and teachers.

Publications Links

Links to online education-related publications.

School Safety/Discipline Links

Because school safety and discipline are important issues in education today, links are provided to a variety of resources that will be of assistance to you. 

Search Engines Links

Here you'll find links to several search engines that may be helpful as you continue your grant opportunity searches.

Technology Links

This page provides annotated links to resources that offer donated or reduced cost computers to schools, how to create technology plans, and more.


You may use this form to send any comments, suggestions, and/or criticisms you have about the SchoolGrants site. You are invited to use the form to share grant opportunities, tips, and other resources as well.

About SchoolGrants Learn more about the history of SchoolGrants and its creator.

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