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Expert grant writing assistance is available through SchoolGrants for PK-12 schools.
Over the last three years, I have written over $11 million in successful state and federal proposals for charter schools and school districts. If you need grant writing assistance, SchoolGrants is the place to turn! Contact me for further details.

05-01-2005 SchoolGrants Bimonthly Newsletter posted.

3-03-2005 SchoolGrants Bimonthly Newsletter posted.

2004 PEP successful proposal posted.

01-03-2005 SchoolGrants Bimonthly Newsletter posted.

New sample (12/15/04 issue) of SchoolGrants Biweekly Newsletter posted.

11-01-2004 SchoolGrants Bimonthly Newsletter posted.
9-6-2004 SchoolGrants Bimonthly Newsletter posted.

Social Venture Partners Seattle Grant Opportunity added

Several Federal grant opportunities listed.

Several Texas Grant Opportunities added.

Info on Starting a Nonprofit Foundation added.

8-5-2004 A successful Toshiba America Foundation has been shared with SchoolGrants. Thank you, Mary, for your generosity!!

8-3-2004 New successful proposal shared for an outdoor learning center! (Thank you, Diana, for sharing!!)

Grant Writing Tips from 7/15/2004 SchoolGrants Biweekly Newsletter: Through the Eyes of the Grant Reviewer

4-30-2004 SchoolGrants Bimonthly Newsletter - May 2004 is now online (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

I apologize for not getting the site updated recently but I have been extremely busy. Hopefully by July I will have a bit of time to update links and add new information to SchoolGrants. Keep up with the latest grant opportunities, research reports, and more by subscribing to the affordably-priced SchoolGrants Biweekly Newsletter!

2-29-2004 SchoolGrants Bimonthly Newsletter for March 2004 now online (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Sample Proposals: Reading First (TX), 21st CCLC (NY), Texas High School Completion & Success

Federal Grant Opportunities: Updated

News and Links have been updated

2-13-2004 Texas Grant Opportunity: First Lady's Family Literacy Initiative for Texas

2-9-2004 News - Grant Reviewer Opportunities

2-6-2004 Sample Proposals added
News about upcoming Webcast on Career Tech programs
Federal Grant Opportunities have been updated
Fundraising Tip added (from SchoolGrants Biweekly Newsletter)

2-4-2004 Federal Grant Opportunities: Several updates

1-31-2004 Nationwide-Deadline: CONNECTIONS! (AT&T Foundation/USAToday)
Federal Grant Opportunities: Several updates
News: Several new items added

1-26-2004 State Grants (Texas): Two New Opportunities

1-22-2004 Fundraising Tip: Gift Baskets & Silent Auction

1-21-2004 Grants - New England - Polaroid Fund

1-16-2004 News: HUD-sponsored Grant Writing Workshops for Faith-Based and Community Organizations

Sample Successful Proposal - two successful Teaching American History Grant Program proposals have been shared!

1-11-04 News: Free Grant Writing Seminar for Faith-Based & Community Organizations

1-10-04 Grant Opportunities - New England - Nellie Mae Educational Foundation

1-08-04 Sample Proposals - McKinney-Vento Homeless Grant

1-05-04 SchoolGrants Bimonthly Newsletter published

1-2-04 News: Free Grant Writing Seminars in Texas

1-1-04 Happy New Year!

Successful Proposals: Reading First (Montana)
(Amy - thank you so much for your willingness to share with your colleagues!)

12-31-03 Grant Opportunities - Nationwide with Deadlines: National School and Business Partnerships Award

11-28-03 Grant Opportunities - State - several Texas opportunities added

11-13-03 News: Audio Conference: Accessing Successful Proposals Using the Freedom of Information Act

11-11-03 Humor: Sy Lesh's "You Know You're a Grant Writer IF..."
Grant Opportunity: CAPCO Science Class Challenge

11-9-03 News: Grants.gov launched

11-04-03 Grant Opportunities - Federal - updated.

11-03-03 News: Clean School Buses Grant Program
SchoolGrants Bimonthly Newsletter - Link Correction
Grant Opportunities - State - several Texas opportunities added

11-01-03 New England Grant Opportunity: Museum of Science
SchoolGrants Bimonthly Newsletter - November (PDF formatting)

10-23-03 Grant Opportunities - State: Updated Texas grant opportunities.
Sample Proposal - New successful proposal has been shared by etc. Business and Grant Writing Services. Improving Literacy through School Libraries.

10-5-03 A number of updates and additions were made to the Links section of the site. News of Interest page was created and added.

10-3-03 Grant Opportunities - Rocky Mtn & Pacific Coast: several links updated thanks to information provided by Joan Spencer

9-30-03 Links - Technology - Updated

9-26-03 A successful Carol M. White Physical Education Program (PEP) grant has been shared with SchoolGrants by "The Write Stuff" in Hammon, OK.

9-25-03 Whew! It has been a rocky month for SchoolGrants! The site has been down or only partially operative due to the host provider "upgrading" their services. Unfortunately, there were lots and lots of problems for customers that accompanied that transition. So, despite being a happy customer since 1999, I have now switched to a new provider who appears to be wonderful!

Thank you for your patience and for continuing to check back with SchoolGrants! I'm not planning on going anywhere anytime soon so if you encounter the site being gone in the future, it should be a temporary setback that will be corrected as soon as possible!

8-11-03 Sample Proposal - 21CCLC - Kingsport

8-9-03 Grant Opportunities - Nationwide - Deadline: Cultivating Classroom Awareness

7-16-03 Grant Opportunities - Nationwide - Deadline: 3-A-Day of Dairy for Stronger Bones Nutrition Education Program

7-01-03 Grant Opportunities - South - Joe W. and Dorothy Dorsett Brown Foundation (Louisiana)
Sample Proposals - Crisis Management program (generously contributed by Don Davis), TARGET Grant (Enhancing Education through  Technology; Title II, Part D)
Bimonthly Newsletters - links added so you can request May and July 2003 issues of SchoolGrants free bimonthly newsletters.

6-22-03 Revised site uploaded. The revisions to SchoolGrants may render some bookmarked links inaccessible. When possible, I have tried to maintain the previous file names but that is not always the case. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

4-3-03 Updated Sample Newsletters
Bimonthly SchoolGrants Newsletter
SchoolGrants Biweekly Newsletter

4-1-03 Grant Opportunities - Ohio - Honda of America
Grant Opportunities - Louisiana - The Joe W. and Dorothy Dorsett Brown Foundation

3-21-03 Grant Opportunities:  Federal - Updated all listings
Grant Opportunities - No Deadline:  Updated many listings

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