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SchoolGrants Biweekly Newsletter

Schools often wonder how to find grant opportunities that will help them provide enriched opportunities for their students.  In today's world of tight budgets and increased state and federal regulations, it is more important than ever to learn the art and science of grant writing and to have viable opportunities sent to you twice each month!

Why Subscribe to the SchoolGrants Biweekly Newsletter?

I want a sample copy of the SchoolGrants Biweekly Newsletter

How to Subscribe to the SchoolGrants Biweekly Newsletter

Q&A Regarding the SchoolGrants Biweekly Newsletter

What Subscribers say about SchoolGrants Biweekly Newsletter

I want information about the free Bimonthly Newsletter

Why Subscribe to the SchoolGrants Biweekly Newsletter?
The electronic SchoolGrants Biweekly Newsletter (SBN) remains one of the best grant sources at the unbeatable price of only $45 a year per subscriber.  Most grant writing publications, many featuring much less information than SBN, cost hundreds of dollars a year. 
For only $45 a year, subscribers receive:
  • Two issues each month!

  • Practical Grant-writing Hints, Tips, and Lessons

  • Online Grant-writing Resources

  • Upcoming Deadlines

  • Grant Opportunities for K12 schools and teachers

  • The opportunity to participate on the Bring Home the Bacon listserv

  • And more!

The electronic newsletter is provided in three formats:

  • Single-column PDF

  • Double-column PDF

  • Single-column RTF which opens in most word processing programs

This format is convenient for users who can save the newsletter to their computer and/or print for future reference. Because it is online, it is easy to click on all links to access the resources provided.

Sample Copy of the SchoolGrants Biweekly Newsletter

A sample copy of the SchoolGrants Biweekly Newsletter is available.  See for yourself what a value it is by clicking here.  
(You must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view the sample SBN.)

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How to Subscribe to the SchoolGrants Biweekly Newsletter
It is simple to subscribe to the SchoolGrants Biweekly Newsletter!  You can send a personal or district check, or a district purchase order, in the amount of $45, to:

Donna Fernandez
2002 Indian Trail
Rowlett, TX 75088

You may also subscribe using your credit card on PayPal's safe, secure Web site.

Important:  You must include a valid email address with your subscription request or the electronic newsletter cannot be sent!

Backup for a purchase order or your records is available by clicking here.

A convenient order form is also available if you wish to uses it.  Download Order Form.

(Note: You must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to access either of these one-page files.)

Order the Let's Write a Grant CD and/or the SchoolGrants Biweekly Newsletter using your credit card!

If a recipient email address is requested on the PayPal site, please use

donna @ schoolgrants.org

 (please delete the unnecessary spaces in the email address when entering on PayPal. The spaces are used here only to reduce the amount of SPAM that results from having an email address on a Web page)

Please note:
SchoolGrants only accepts credit card purchases made through PayPal. You cannot place a credit card order over the phone with SchoolGrants.

SchoolGrants Biweekly Newsletter $45.00

SchoolGrants Let's Write a Grant CD Unavailable at this time $54.95

SAVE $10 when you purchase both!
SchoolGrants Let's Write a Grant and SchoolGrants Biweekly Newsletter $89.95

Check out or view your cart

If you wish to contact me regarding subscribing to the SchoolGrants Biweekly Newsletter, you may reach me by

Mail:                2002 Indian Trail
                      Rowlett, TX 75088
Web:               grants4kidz @ gmail.com  (please remove extra spaces when writing)
Phone number   (469) 235-7257
FAX number      Please scan and email purchase orders or other FAX communications

Please remember: SchoolGrants cannot accept credit cards except through the PayPal online service. Checks, money orders and school district purchase orders are also acceptable ways to pay for your subscription.

Please note: Some people are using old order forms which show the cost of the newsletter as $35. The cost increased to $45/year on January 1, 2005. If purchase orders or checks are for the outdated cost, subscriptions are reduced by 4 issues.

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Questions and Answers Regarding SchoolGrants Biweekly Newsletter
Is my name, address or email address sold or otherwise distributed?
No, never!  All of your contact information is kept in strict confidence!

Can I subscribe even if I am not part of a school district?
Absolutely!  SchoolGrants has vendors, colleges and universities, and private individuals - such as interested parents and grant consultants - among its subscribers.  If you are interested in what is happening in the PK-12 grant writing world, you are welcome to subscribe to the SchoolGrants Biweekly Newsletter.

My school is a private school.  Will the newsletter be of benefit to me?
Yes!  Private, nonprofit schools, as well as parochial and charter schools,  will find much of value and interest to them in the newsletter.  With the passing of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, faith and community-based organizations are now even eligible to compete for many of the same federal funds that are available to public schools.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes! However, the only way SchoolGrants can accept credit cards is through the use of PayPal's safe, secure Web site.

Are bulk prices available for schools and/or districts that wish for multiple individuals to receive the newsletter?
Yes!  Bulk prices are available for multiple subscriptions.  Write to me on the Comments Form to request a copy of the bulk prices. 

Do you accept purchase orders from schools?
SchoolGrants welcomes purchase orders from school districts.  If the purchase order is faxed, please be certain that all information is very plainly written.

Do you accept personal checks or money orders?
Yes!  Personal checks and money orders may be used to purchase a subscription to the SchoolGrants Biweekly Newsletter.  You will be sent a receipt for tax or reimbursement purposes.

Do you have questions that haven't been addressed here?
Feel free to call or write to me if you have additional questions.  Web-based communication is preferred, but phone calls are also welcome!  Contact me at grants4kidz @ gmail.com (remove extra spaces) or call me. My phone number is (469) 235-7257.

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Here's What Some Subscribers Have to Say about SchoolGrants Biweekly Newsletter

"...I am constantly referring to the items you post in the newsletter...it is great!!! Keep up the good work..." Dr. Tony Anderson, San Francisco Unified School District

"You have given me more info in less than a month than our district grant-writer ever did over the past 5 years."

"I just received my first expanded version of the electronic newsletter and I want to tell you that it is AWESOME!  I am so glad that I have subscribed.  Thanks."

"Thanks for a very comprehensive newsletter."

"By the way... this newsletter has been everything I have been searching for...it is wonderful!"

"We will renew again this year.  Will you please send me an invoice for the 3 of us to receive this service?"

"We hit an end of the year funding pinch and I was not sure I could renew.  But I would like to do so, since it looks like I can afford itů"

"Could you please forward information regarding bulk prices to this wonderful newsletter?  Thank you!"

"I received my first edition of the biweekly newsletter today and wanted to write to let you know how impressed I am. I can see after receiving only one that it is going to be a useful resource to me in my position.  I found the information vast, detailed, and helpful."

"I just started receiving the SchoolGrants newsletter and am finding it a wonderful resource."

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