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Join the SchoolGrants Team!

If you have found the SchoolGrants site helpful, I ask that you become a contributor yourself. As you know, the site is quite large and it is difficult for one person to keep it maintained and updated.

Listed below are suggestions of ways that you can help improve the site and make it more useful to all of us:

  • Share your successful proposals. 

This is a very popular section of SchoolGrants and yet people are loathe to share their success with their colleagues. It seems everyone enjoys looking at successful proposals but few are willing to share their own successes. Please be a giver and not a taker only!

Keep in mind that all state and federally-funded proposals become public information. By sharing your electronic file, you are not divulging information that cannot be obtained otherwise through the Freedom of Information Act. You are, however, providing an easy vehicle for sharing your success with others across the country.

  • Send information about reports and Internet sites you have found valuable.

If you have found particularly useful sites and/or Internet publications (free of charge) that would also be useful to your colleagues, please share that information with all of us.

  • Let me know if you find invalid links.

As you travel through the SchoolGrants site and click on the various links, please let me know if you come across one or more than are no longer valid. When you write, please include the specific SchoolGrants page where you found the invalid URL. 

If you want to be really helpful, let me know what the updated link is if you've gone to the trouble to research it yourself. 

The newsletter is only $45/year per subscriber. Bulk prices are available that reduce the cost even further.

The newsletter is one of the best values you'll find anywhere if you are interested in education and grant writing. (See a sample.) By subscribing, not only do you benefit by receiving well-researched information and grant opportunities (and more), you also help me keep the SchoolGrants site, the Bring Home the Bacon listserv and other services available at no cost.

As a benefit to subscribers, only very rarely is information that is published in the Biweekly Newsletter posted to the SchoolGrants site or included in the free Bimonthly Newsletter for at least a month after it is published. This provides subscribers a competitive edge over their colleagues who choose not to subscribe.

Unfortunately spammers have caused me to greatly reduce the number of ways to contact me. The most efficient way to do so is by using the Contact form. 

This form will not allow attachments (such as sample proposals that you are willing to share). If you will note on the form that you would like to share a document that you wish to attach to an email, I will send you an email with my email address.

Your comments, suggestions and questions are always welcome! Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback!

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